Healthier Delray Beach (HDB) is a community initiative focused on improving Delray Beach’s behavioral health. Actions of the initiative are directed by residents with the support of the volunteer Steering Committee and Workgroup members, the Project Director and the backbone agency, Achievement Centers for Children and Families. Envisioned by Palm Healthcare Foundation and carried out by the community, HDB is working to bring change where it is needed most by increasing…


Spreading the word about behavioral health and how it affect us in our daily lives


Breaking down behavioral health stigma and creating a safe space to talk


Bringing behavioral health services to residents where they are




Delray Beach champions spreading the HDB message to the community and inviting everyone to get involved!

Our awesome HDB Ambassadors (clockwise from left to right):  Emanuel "Dupree" Jackson, Lisa McMiller, Lauren Zuchman (HDB Senior Director), Davina Suffrard, Rose Newbold, Ferline Mesidort, Prentice Mobley, Andre Dildy, Kirsten Sleeman (HDB Outreach Coordinator), Freslaine "Tasha" St. Louis.

Not pictured:  Angela Williams