HDB  supports efforts to make Delray Beach a more equitable community.  By hosting workshops, providing arenas for tough conversations, and encouraging partners to practice policies and procedures promoting equity for all, HDB is working to improve mental and physical health outcomes for every resident of Delray Beach.


Healthier Delray Beach Equity Activities

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Racial Equity Workshops

HDB hosts the Racial Equity Institute to provide workshops and presentations for residents, professionals, and students to come together and learn about equity.  During these workshops, attendees discuss systematic racism, historical factors, and are provided with talking points about how race effects our daily lives.  HDB is committed to offering these workshops to Delray Beach to further efforts in the community to focus on equity and use the same language.

Delray Beach Reflections

Reflections is a recurring meeting hosted at Spady Cultural Heritage Musuem for alumni of REI Workshops.  Attendees come together to share information and materials and to work together towards building solutions and understanding.  Alumni have begun to collect data and stories that help paint the picture of race and health equity in Delray Beach.

Poverty Simulation

The Cost of Poverty Experience (COPE) is a immersive role-play learning experience that gives participants an opportunity to experience poverty firsthand through the eyes of real people who have lived life facing its challenges.  COPE promote poverty awareness and increases understanding with the goal that participants will walk away with a deeper understanding of the impact it can have on families and communities.

Partner Spotlight - Racial Equity Institute

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Racial Equity Institute (REI) are an alliance of trainers, organizers, and institutional leaders who have devoted themselves to the work of creating racially equitable organizations and systems.  REI helps individuals and organizations develop tools to challenge patterns of power and grow equity.  To learn more about the Racial Equity Institute, click here.